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Double-Faced (16 oz) Banners

Double Sided Banners
Your Design or Ours - Our 16 oz Double-Faced banners have a special opaque layer which allows printing on both sides of the banner without "show through". In addition, the extra thick material makes these banners ideal for over-the-street applications or any application where both sides of the banner can be viewed.

Available Banner Colors

White Yellow Off-White
Blue Black Red

Available Colors for Lettering and Graphics

Yellow Orange Red Dk. Purple Dk. Blue Dk. Green Dk. Brown Gray
Black White Magenta Lt. Purple Lt. Blue Lt. Green Lt. Brown Ivory

Prices - Include Design, Proof, Up to 3-Colors, Any Text

  16oz Double-Faced Vinyl Banners
Width 4ft 6ft 8ft 10ft 12ft 16ft 18ft 20ft
22 inches $54 $74 $94 $113 $134 $162 $192 $282
34 inches $74 $104 $134 $162 $192 $236 $250 $311
46 inches $94 $134 $173 $212 $219 $251 $311 $410
70 inches $118 $164 $197 $227 $250 $310 $410 $505

Banner Mounting Options

Double-stitched hems with brass grommets every 2ft and at the corners are standard. We also provide the following mounting options on special request:

  • hemmed with a top rope
  • pole pockets on top and bottom (specify pole diameter)
  • o-rings at the corners with or without snap hooks along edges

Mounting Options

Ordering a Banner

To order, send us an email to: or

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